One on One Life Coaching - $250

Life Coaching is a Outcome based Personal Development Tool ~ using Neuro Linguistic strategies to support and guide you into clarity and flow in your life.
You can have instant relief or freedom from:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Self doubt
  • Addiction
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Weight Loss
  • Clear Phobias
  • Stop Eating certain foods

Through past experiences, interactions and events your subconscious creates belief patterns that governs your life – your decisions, actions, habits and how you internally represent the world around you.  Its these underlying beliefs that manifest into your life as Finances, Relationships, Health, spirituality and Career.  Diane has been helping families and individuals for 7 years as a trusted, grounded practitioner with a Holistic approach. Her gentle down to earth nature is both very calming and the would like to invite you to expand and grow through this with her. 

Creating Sacred Biz Consultation - $200

Are you working in a high paced job where you:

  • Feel stretched?
  • Get caught in patterns of striving, competing and pushing?

I’m here to remind you: There is another way to BE!   

Lets drop the society culture of:

  • You have to work a certain amount of hours, be rushed, overwhelmed and busy, to earn a shit tonne of income.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • You have to have a qualification or attended Uni to get a”Proper Job” and earn a “proper wage”

We offer the opportunity to create SACRED BUSINESS (or Blissness as we call it)! Expand, grow and feel the intensity of INTENTION, TRIBE, GRACIOUS ABUNDANCE and CREATING shit loads of AUTHENTIC INCOME.

If YOU ARE READY TO Tune into your higher purpose, shed limiting beliefs,  open the gateway to birthing new ideas, friendships and Gracious abundance reach out and connect and call us NOW.

Diane 0418 724 438

Be authentically YOU, do what YOU LOVE with people you LOVE and create the life you deserve!

Spend an hour with Diane where she will intuitively connect and use a holistic approach to start to rewire and therefore create with freedom and flow you Sacred Business Model.

Past Life Regression Therapy - $200

Past life regression (also known as Quantum Healing Technique), is a process by which one can delve into past lives and understand the root cause of issues which are holding you back today, and allow you to release yourself from those issues.

Diane holds a safe, sacred space Where you can explore and navigate into your past lives. Often your soul may have experienced trauma or have “unresolved issues”. Once it has been healed and integrated into the reality of TODAY you can release common unhealthy themes that show up in your life in this lifetime. Magical transformations take place in this hour together.

Introduction to Essential Oils - Complimentary - Book Now!

Where science meets spirituality!

Come play in the high pristine world of Essential Oils, learn about how to support your Immune system, respiratory health, emotions, Gut health and so much more.

Learn (or remember) how to support Mumma Earth and yourself and family more naturally. Gather your favourite people together and shift your state and set your energetic vibration soaring HIGH using the potent magic of Essential Oils. These gatherings may also combine:

  • Guided meditation
  • Self Nurturing rituals
  • Nourishing Oil Infused Elixirs and treats
  • Breaking through habits and self limiting beliefs that have held you stuck
  • Creation of the life you desire so you can start Living and loving Life instead of reacting to it.

Guest Speaker at Your Event

Michelle and Diane can present individually or together at your special event. Using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Strategies, anchoring techniques they have a unique gift of engaging any audience and guiding them into a powerful, present state. Depending on your needs they can adapt each presentation to your industry or profession. If you want the best out of your staff and employees, Michelle and Diane come highly recommended and have a contagious presence which will leave your customers or staff feeling Loved, powerful and ready to change the world!

Price vary depending on your needs, please call Michelle 0419 757 017 or Diane 0418 724 438 to discuss.