Essential Oils

So what exactly is an essential oil?

An essential oil is the pure extract from the plant and is nature’s defence mechanism to fight off threats such as mould, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Our cellular make up is very similar to a plants’, so it makes sense that we use what nature has provided us to also support our bodies. They have been around for years and are just the natural alternative to what we would be buying at the chemist anyway!

Why doTERRA?

doTERRA essential oils are highly concentrated and undergo multiple third party testing to ensure they are the purest you can find in the world! We particularly love the company as they source their oils all over the world from where they naturally grow best.

The best part is they support the local communities of these countries (often third world) to create jobs and improve income. It’s such a great relationship as it promotes sustainable growth and promotes long term relationships with the growers. These growers know the land and know the best ways to get the purest and best quality oils from their crops.

To top it off, doTERRA’s charity “Healing Hands” use funds raised to build much needed medical centres, schools and water systems in these areas.  It gives us goose bumps to know that every time we buy a bottle of oil we are a supporting families in need.  

The most recent humanitarian trip was to Nepal. We first watched this video at our latest convention and there were tears… Get the tissues! We can’t wait to do our first humanitarian trip. It’s on our vision board and is one of the goals we are working towards.

How to use essential oils

  1. AROMATICALLY – This is so powerful! Drop a few drops into a diffuser and breathe in the aromas and watch your mood alter instantly. Michelle’s favourite is “motivate” and she calls it her “get sh*t done blend”. Di loves Frankincense, Easy Air and On Guard to support her and the kids’ breathing and immune systems.
  2. TOPICALLY – We love applying to reflexology points on the bottom of our feet, to the back of our ears, or massage into any trouble spots. Both our kids love their personalised roller blends. They get to pick their own oils, we dilute it with fractionated coconut oil (FCO), and they can apply whenever and wherever they like!
  3. INTERNALLY – How cool is that these oils are so pure you can ingest them?! We add lemon and lime to our water (stainless steel or glass carriers only), Di loves to drop Frankincense under her tongue, and Michelle’s speciality is making capsules with her immune support oils and taking them when she is under the weather. We also use them in our cooking (mmmmm peppermint chocolate). Keep an eye out for our chocolate making classes!