Diane is an expert in personal empowerment, publishing her first book “Rise Up – A Soulful Guide to Success” in 2018. Diane set out to create a guide to help woman grow in business whilst maintaining the delicate balance of everyday responsibilities. Rise Up has changed the ballgame for woman in business, guiding them to connect into their true power and unlock their greatness.


Diane is an international guest speaker and comes highly recommended with her contagious presence which will WOW your audience and leave everyone in the room feeling loved, powerful and ready to change the world. She has a unique gift for truly engaging any audience and guiding them into a powerful, present and resourceful state. If you want a personable, dynamic, insightful speaker who connects with your audience and the ability to gently challenge people’s model of the world, contact Diane today.


Ready to make real change? Need someone to help keep you accountable, offer support and promote growth? Using a combination of science and spirituality, Diane will help open the flood gates and encourage you to stop merely responding to life. She will give you the tools and techniques to step into your power, claim your freedom and start creating the life you desire and deserve with absolute certainty.


Retreats & Events

Diane has designed a series of retreats and events in amazing locations to help elevate your soul. She collaborates with local businesses, with a similar ethos to her own, to deliver truly unique experiences. Get back to nature, neutralise fear, explore past life regressions, movement, meditation, vision boards and more. Learn how to step into your power, wake up feeling activated and energised and live the life of your dreams!

'Rise Up' Community

Creating a network of empowered woman keen to support and encourage each other, is at the core of Diane's belief system. Connect with the Rise Up Community on Facebook today.

Oils & Spirituality

Health and wellness starts from within. Diane can help select and supply essential oils that will support and motivate you, conduct spiritual readings, past life regressions and a wide variety of other soulful services. Discover your inner spirituality and grow with Diane.

Mentorship & Personal Growth

The process of growth through guidance. Diane will help you implement long lasting change in your life and connect you with strengths you never knew you had. Diane offers mentorship packages, life coaching services and 1 on 1's.

Speaking & Workshops

Looking for an inspirational speaker to connect your audience with your content in an organic and authentic way? Speaking from the heart, openly and honestly, Diane specialises in bringing an upbeat and up lifting message to your next event.

Connect with DIane

It has never been easier to get connected, contact Diane now to learn more.

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