Hello and Welcome

We are Michelle and Diane and we are sisters, mothers and friends on a mission.

We are passionate about empowering ourselves and others and creating community with all things healthy. Through a ripple effect we are sharing our expertise in essential oils, nutrition, movement, meditation, an awareness of mental framework to help change YOUR life.
Jump aboard, join our team and choot choot full steam into a life you deserve and create for yourself.

Diane McKendrick- Life Coach

Author, Speaker and Life Coach

Michelle Anne- Soul Healer

Soul Healer, Card readings and energy healings.

About Us

We are sisters, mothers, friends on a mission! We are not only sisters by blood but best friends. We are each others mentor, support and inspiration!!! We are creating a place of belonging for all woman world-wide where you are loved and accepted, just the way you are.


Full and half day Workshops, weekend Retreats, Meet Ups and Much more! Connect with soul sisters through one of our regular events.


From our 'Remember Rings' to 'Past life regression' you can find it all in our online store. Purchase all of our favourite products online here in our store.


Want to know more about us? Get to know us! Our blog has updates, information, tips, tricks and advice on how to live your best life.


Essential Oils

Come join us at the Success Sisters. This is a small group of the Oil Sisters tribe who are actively, passionately and steadily creating their own business or complementing their current one with essential oils and other life changing strategies. If you would like to actively share your love for essential oils and life changing ideas and adding, replacing or supplementing your income this opportunity is for you.

About DoTerra Oils

An essential oil is the pure extract from the plant and is nature’s defence mechanism to fight off threats such as mould, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Learn more about why we love them here.


Our Affiliates

We are passionate about what we do, and part of that passion and drive comes from the tribe of wonderful small businesses that support us! Together we share similar core values and as complimentary small businesses we like to connect you with them to share the love and return the support. So please go ahead aqnd visit them on the links below 🙂 Remember to say the Oil Sisters Sent you!