| eL nAtural | We have been taught by media and social forums from a young age to “be beautiful” we have to embellish, add or change what we got.
To straighten, crimp, perm, dye, add makeup, wax, wear heels 👠, get nails, erase wrinkles etc… I’m not saying I never do any of this stuff (although it’s rare) someone told me when I was young “embrace what your mumma gave you”
True beauty, is the light that shines from within, ☀️ your outer appearance is a reflection of your inner emotions, thoughts and connection to your higher self.
U are beautiful with or without the extras. Make decisions 4 nourishment and from a full place- as opposed to doing something to look different or “better” because u feel looking a certain way will change the way you feel 4 about yourself or how others will perceive you.
Shine bright Beauty !
I use geranium, tea tree and rosemary essential oil in my hair, frankincense and rose on my face. Full credit of this wild do goes to salt, sand, wind and sea.
If you would like guidance in changing your personal care products to natural, divine goodness reach out ! ☀️🌻🌺

Embrace your wild woman 🙂