EFT Tapping with The Oil Sisters

EFT Tapping is a way to break through blockages and open doors of opportunity and possibility in your world. As a holistic health consultant I use this regularly with my clients and would love to share with you  how it can help you to:

Loose Weight
Reduce anxiety and depression
Sleep better
Gain Clarity and focus
Release un resourceful patterns

If you are ready to feel FREE, create the LIFE you WANT and DESERVE. Reserve your spot today.

Can’t make the time? No problem, we will forward you a copy of the recording to watch later!

Goddess Visions together with The Oil Sisters & Workshop Warrior

As women, we often put everyone else first. Work, kids, husband, friends – our needs are often forgotten or pushed aside. It’s time to ditch your phone, shut off from the world and your past stories and spend the afternoon immersed in nature, focusing solely on YOU. Reconnect with your inner fire and rediscover your life purpose. 

Vision Boards
Essential Oils
Shopping at Soul Nook
Cacao Ceremony with intention setting/releasing (so healing!)
Mindset workshop

Early bird pricing $111 or Bring your bestie for $167 (double pass).

Previous Events

Intro to essential oils

Learn the Basics about Essential Oils and how you can incorporate them into your daily life in this informative and interactive workshop.

Come along and learn how to incorporate oils into nearly every aspect of your life. Essential Oils are a safe and effective option to add into your daily life and routine to help you and your family to support emotions, increase energy, reduce anxious feelings, assist in balancing hormones and support both the immune and respiratory system. 

 They are all natural, can be used to make over your medicine cabinet, pimp your cooking, detox your home and calm your children!

Supporting mumma bears

Motherhood is HARD! IF you are a Mum this workshop is for YOU! Come along and find out how The Oil Sisters run several successful businesses and stay healthy happy and focused.

Mumma Bears – Let’s talk! 

Motherhood is HARD!  If you’re a Mum…. This workshop is for YOU.

Sometimes we lose our self in “motherhood”, we forgot who we are and what “lights us up”

Come along and find out how The Oils Sisters stay healthy, happy and focused.  The answer isn’t in “doing more” sometimes it’s about “doing less”. You will be guided through this using Essential oils and NLP strategies to anchor positive states and awake and enlighten and reconnect with the real YOU.

Natural health alternatives

Learn the Oil Sisters tricks to make over your medicine cabinet, body and mind with natural alternatives. Turn to Mother Nature and learn how to save time and money while keeping your family healthy inside and out.

Avoid synthetic medications, toxic load and make over your medicine cabinet, body and mind with natural alternatives.  

Avoid antibiotics and synthetic medications turning to mother nature to support your immune system. Tune in and find out tips and tricks to save you time, money and most importantly keep your family HEALTHY from the inside out.

Kid's emotions

This fun, interactive workshop utilises essential oils and natural therapies to support children emotionally. Learn how to help them tame tantrums, sooth anxiety and sleep better.

Join us for a fun interactive workshop utilising Essential Oils and natural therapies to support children emotionally.  Learn how and what to do to support your children through navigating their childhood emotions. Tame tantrums, support anxious feelings, promote sleep and use Essential Oils to create space to make massive changes in your life.

Crystal bracelet and essential oil workshop

Come along and learn the basics about essential oils and how they can support your health, emotions and general well being. This oil introduction is then followed by a freestyle bracelet making session. Join Kayla from the Karhi Collection and make your own diffuser bracelet. You will have access to all her crystal beads and can choose your bracelet design on either colour or crystal properties. Before leaving, choose your essential oil to add to the lava beads of your bracelet to ensure you smell great for days!! 

This is always a fun session but be warned it is addictive!!

Adult bracelets are $25 for the first one and $20 for the second one. 

Children bracelets are $18 for the first one and $15 for the second.

Payment can be made on the day with cash or eftpos.