Balance on my feet peace on my heart ❤️ ✌️ Some days “I got this” other days I’m a “wobbly mess” Just as it shows up for me in life ~ my body responds to the deep murmurs of my soul.
That moment between my inhale and exhale- it’s still it’s peaceful, I’m free. 💨 💦
If my mind races to the future and scheduling and expectations I become heightened and distracted. If my thoughts go back and visit the past I sometimes feel guilt and resentment. In this moment, in my breath and focused concentration in this present moment.
Come FLY with me. And the days u sense, see or feel in the way that you do – that I’m doing “wobbly mess” with life. Please be my reminder to brrreeeaaatttthhheeee as I and WE will do for YOU!
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#thesimplethings #nourishyoursoul #findyourtribe#dianemckendrick❤️ ✌️
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