Welcome to The Oil Sisters and thanks for dropping by!!!!
We are Michelle and Diane and we are sisters, mothers and friends on a mission.
We are passionate about empowering ourselves and others and creating community with all things healthy. Through a ripple effect we are sharing our expertise in essential oils, nutrition, movement, meditation, an awareness of mental framework to help change YOUR life.
Jump aboard, join our team and choot choot full steam into a life you deserve and create for yourself.

'Rise Up' The Soulful Guide to Success - launching soon!

Everyone has a story, their past, their future and their right now.

‘Rise Up’ is designed to help you overcome those things that hold you back in your world and allow you to blossom into your most authentic and sucessful self. 

When you want it, it’s yours! You just need the tools to get you there.

Book Coming January 2019!


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